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Moisture Control

Subarea Moisture Affects More Than Just Your Substructure



Have you ever walked into a house and immediately smelled a moldy or musty odor? The most likely cause of this odor is because air from the substructure is rising into the home. As warm air rises in your home, that air is replaced with air from the lowest point, which is your crawl space. Up to 40% of the air we breathe in our homes comes from this area, and it can bring with it mildew, and other airborne particles. Once particles of mildew invade your home, they spread rapidly and reproduce by releasing airborne spores. By eliminating moisture and reducing the mildew's ability to release spores into the air, musty substructure odors will be eliminated. For complete protection, we offer moisture barrier and sump pump installation.

Moisture not only attracts termites to eat the wood under your house, it can also cause wood destroying fungus to grow. In order to help prevent this, we offer effective solutions to help you keep your substructure as dry as it can be.

Sump Pumps


We specialize in installing both subarea and outdoor sump pumps. Substructure pumps are essential in the winter months to prevent water from building up underneath your home. Standing water can result in dry rot, mold, and other undesirable issues. After digging a suitable sump well, we put a pump holder and crushed gravel into the ground, and then install a sump pump connected with Schedule 40 PVC pipe. We offer a two year warranty on all sump pumps we install.

Sump pumps can keep your subarea and yard free from standing water.
Moisture barriers are crucial to keeping the subarea of your home as dry as it can be.
Moisture Barriers


Moisture barriers keep moisture where it belongs - in the soil. This helps protect the subfloor and surrounding joists, and also helps keep termites below the ground. Additionally, it is an important step toward eliminating mold and mildew. Our moisture barriers are made to last. We carefully cut around all pier blocks and foundations using 6 mill black vinyl plastic and cover the entire accessible ground surface in your subarea.

If you have a moisture problem in your substructure, please feel free to contact us. We offer free consultations to help you decide what your home needs to eliminate conditions that can lead to termites and wood destroying fungus. 

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Gravel Filter Cleanup


The gravel underneath and surrounding a sump pump well acts as a filter, removing mud which can clog the pump. Over time, this gravel filter can become clogged with silt, impeding the flow of water to the pump. We offer a gravel cleanup service where we remove the gravel under and around your sump well and clean all of the mud and silt off of it. After it is cleaned, we put it back ensuring that it will filter properly.

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